Woodford Equity Income Fund (WEIF)

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The spectacular demise of the WEIF in 2019 is a reality known all too well to investors. As well as the collapse of the Woodford funds, we have paid particular attention to the relationship between Hargreaves Lansdown and Woodford Investment Management.

This focus has centred on Hargreaves Lansdown continuing to include WEIF in the recommended funds making up its Wealth 50. And importantly the level of knowledge to which Hargreaves Lansdown’s senior management was privy – who, what and when?? For example, it certainly appears Hargreaves Lansdown knew of liquidity issues in WEIF from November 2017.

Teaming up with commercial litigation solicitors, Wallace LLP, a significant amount of work has already been undertaken in exploring and assessing the potential range of claims available to those retail investors who relied on information provided by Hargreaves Lansdown (whether through its website or otherwise) including the Wealth 50 and its precursor the Wealth 150 when deciding to invest directly in the Woodford funds, as well as those who invested in Hargreaves Lansdown multi-manager funds with holdings in the Woodford Funds.

The views of a highly eminent QC from top chambers, One Essex Court, have also been sought and counsel’s conclusions are very promising from the perspective of investors. Legal causes of action of real substantive merit are available that, if proven, would entitle a reimbursement of losses suffered.

Woodford Litigation 

Working with the assembled legal team, RGL is building on the group of investors who have already approached us for help. With sufficient numbers and litigation funding and ATE insurance in place, RGL will commence legal proceedings on behalf of a significant number of Woodford investors. There will be claims for losses sustained directly as a result of the collapse of the Woodford funds, as well as for “loss of opportunity” losses, suffered through missing out on alternative investments that, in stark contrast to Woodford, would have generated returns.

If you believe you have a valid claim, regardless of the amount, as a result of the Woodford debacle and wish to know more, please go to RGL’s Registration page and register your details.

There is no cost or financial risk involved, and it will not take more than a few minutes to complete RGL’s Woodford Litigation registration form.

You will be contacted immediately thereafter so a more complete picture of your personal situation can be understood and developed

Register for Woodford Litigation

What is RGL?

RGL Management Limited initiates, builds and prosecutes large, complex, commercial legal actions.

We are litigation specialists. We sue large organisations, typically on behalf of large groups of claimants for whom individually the costs and risks of legal action would be wholly prohibitive.

The RGL team possesses extensive expertise and experience in law, investment banking, accountancy, insolvency, IT, corporate operational management and claimant communication. We build the right team for each legal claim, including: solicitors and counsel; processing and admin resource; litigation funding; ATE insurance; and other specialist advisory services such as financial analysis, forensic accounting, PR and social media support.

In a typical RGL case, we build a sufficiently large “book” of claimants through a coordinated PR and media campaign, and then provide the requisite organisation and administration to manage the claimant group during the court process.  At the same time, RGL works with a carefully selected and highly skilled team of lawyers and other professionals and experts. Legal causes of action with substantive merit are identified and then developed and refined, so that the pursuit of the claims on behalf of claimants in Court is as focused and time efficient as the litigation process will permit.

Through substantive knowledge and experience of the litigation funding and ATE insurance markets, RGL always ensures the legal claims are pursued on a “no win, no fee” basis. Also, should the claims not be successful, the defendant’s costs are covered and not payable by the claimants. 

Any claimant group brought together by RGL is thus armed with the appropriate amount of funding and insurance and represented by a top legal team, so as to match the defendant’s lawyers and resources. This provides the fire power necessary to create the level playing field essential for any legal claim with prospects against a large well financed defendant.  

RGL is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in respect of regulated claims management activity.

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