About RGL

    RGL initiates, builds, and prosecutes large, complex, commercial legal actions.

    An innovator in the commercial and legal development of litigation and arbitration assets, we are the ultimate manager of group actions that we develop throughout the entire dispute resolution process until realisation.

    Founded in 2016, and with a demonstrable track record of success, RGL occupies a unique, leading position in the UK litigation sector. Our diverse and highly experienced management team possesses extensive expertise in law, top-tier litigation, multi-national investment banking, and international board-level corporate management.

    With a market-acknowledged ability to book-build large numbers of prospective claimants and to develop legally and commercially attractive legal claims into investable assets for funding, we create the right team for each project: solicitors and counsel; processing and admin resource; funders; insurers; and other specialist advisory services such as financial analysis, forensic accounting, PR, social media support and IT.

    We operate from offices in Lincoln’s Inn Fields in central London, and in Ludlow, Shropshire.

    As specialists in group representative actions, we are authorised and regulated as a claims management company by the Financial Conduct Authority, in respect of regulated claims management activity.

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